Call-centers in Evart countries!

Published 3 months ago

We are pleased to inform you that Evart with each passing day is getting closer to you! From January 10, Evart call-centers will start their work, which will be available to everyone who wants, in free mode. Qualified service specialists will answer any question about Evart, tell about new promotions, case or administrative innovations.

Phones of call-centers:

Almaty 77273506,104.

Moscow 74993467659.

Warsaw 48223079029.

Berlin 4930896778630.

Budapest 3617009999.

Turkey 902129003319.

Kyiv 380443792642.

For maximum user comfort, it was designed call back system.

Over time, will be added new cities and the countries, where our information line will work.

One more way of communication appeared on Now each resource page opens a chat window with a consultant Evart, that allows you to ask your question online.

Evart - a constant forward movement!