Winter Promotion.

Published 3 months ago

What kind of trip do you dream about? Warm sea, beach, "all inclusive"? Or maybe it should be a fascinating tour in the capitals of Europe? We hasten to please you that whatever your dream is, its implementation is very close! It remains only to fulfill the conditions of the new winter promotion!

 Terms of the promotion are as follows:

  • Sale of cases for € 15 000 in the first line will give you an opportunity to choose, as a present, a trip:
  • Unforgettable tour in hot Egypt, 7 days;
  • Bus tour in the ancient cities of Europe, 7 days.
  • Sale of cases for € 30 000 in the first line will allow you to receive, as a present, trip of your dream:
  • Tour in exotic Dubai, 7 days.

Please note, the deadline for implementation of the promotion conditions are limited - from January 07 to March 7! Just three months for receiving, as a present, your treasured travel!

But it is not the end! We have prepared one more corporate bonus for you (07.01.2017 – 31.01.2017)!

The first 10 partners who, as part of the winter promotion, will sale in the first line Premium Case(€ 9000), is guaranteed to receive corporate gifts:

  • Diary Evart + Icon Evart Network (Limited edition)

These stylish accessories accentuate your honorable status of Evart partner and create a sense of self-confidence!

Start of promotion is already tomorrow, don’t miss the chance to receive a gift of luxurious vacation!

Work with Evart! Relax with Evart!