Evart Cube - now it's your reality!

Published 3 months ago

Spectacles of virtual and added reality Evart Cube - is a huge breakthrough in the future! Have you ever experienced the virtual reality device? Impressive, isn’t it?!

Evart Cube - is not only a virtual reality, it is also revolutionary possibilities for the use of added reality to solve daily problems. Among them - the use of spectacles to make calls, video conferencing, to render the sale of the product, for quality design, for primary or secondary education, for use in medicine.

A person with glasses Evart Cube, no longer has space constraints, because with it’s help he travels the world and at the time is anywhere in the world! Isn’t it a dream?

And for gamers spectacles Evart Cube - is not just a technological breakthrough, this is a long-awaited future that appears today! Our developers were able to implement a unique opportunity to run any apps from Google Play right on your device!

Now you have access to innovative technologies and they will make your life beautiful!

Treat yourself with virtual emotions with Evart Cube! Applications for pre-sale will only be accepted from 31.12.2016 17.01.2017 at the following link !