7 books about network marketing, which will change your imagine about this business

Published 4 months ago

Tell me, what book is currently on your desk, and I'll tell you who you are. Perhaps, in this case, the phrase will sound more correct in this way! It is no wonder, that they say that is absolutely necessary to read every day. And read - not only fiction, but also one that every day will bring you closer to your dream, that will show the way to its accomplishment and, in the end, will make you happy.

Today we have made a selection of the most impressive books about network marketing. If you are on the path of MLM, you definitely need to get acquainted with them. These texts will be a solid foundation for your future success!

1. Robert Kiyosaki "Business School. Eight values of network marketing, unconnected with the money. "

Network marketing. A small book of the famous American author that the main values of network marketing is much broader and deeper than the possibility of obtaining additional income. Working in a network marketing company is capable of permanently change a person's life and give him something that is not taught either average or high school.

2. By Richard "4th wave, or network marketing in the XXI century".

Network marketing. Best book to study the history of development, characteristics, prospects of the wonderful business - network marketing.

3. Don Failla "10 Lessons on napkins."

Network marketing. Bible of network marketing. In brief, clear and accessible way, the author explains the basic principles of business, in particular, the importance of building your own organization to achieve a high level of income.

4. Igor Sidorov "Step one: friends list."

Network marketing. With the compilation of the list of friends the most successful networkers began their careers. Short and clear guidelines will help you to understand why there is a list of friends, and how best to work with it.

5. Igor Sidorov "Springboard of success."

Network marketing. Another book of the Moscow author, which easy and affordable describes the basic principles of network marketing.

6. John Kalench "Best way how you can be in MLM".

Network marketing. One of the best books of one of the most outstanding teachers of MLM. It is difficult to comment, it is necessary to read and follow the recommendations.

7. Volodymyr Dubkovsky "How to succeed in network marketing."

Network marketing. The book of a wonderful man, who started work as a private distributor, and later in Russia, created his own network marketing company.

We recommend to start with Kiyosaki, and then you will understand the direction in which to move forward. Good luck and good books to you!