Evart Social Network – the whole world in one screen!

Published 4 months ago

Agree, we all often don’t have enough own space in our social networks, where we can control events, customize the interface and guided by our own rules of communication! Now it's all possible!

IT-specialists of Evart developed a unique social networking platform Evart Social Network, a very flexible constructor to exercise own freedom and create a very comfortable design of personal online space. And this, in it’s turn, allows more efficient to spend time on the social network.

Presentation of the new product took place in the fourth day of the big event New Year Evart Event, CEO of the Corporation Evart Maksym Blazhkün in detail told about all the advantages of our social network:

  • You have your own multimedia platform for dialogue with the world. At your fingertips there are great features: music, video, texts, images.
  • Widgets are not static, they are present in the right and left fields, which makes it possible to focus on what's important to you. It is also an optimal use of workspace.
  • It has become much easier to show your attitude to some content and monitor the reactions for your publications.
  • In general, the interface is very intuitive and friendly space. Navigation buttons are located in the part of the usual for us, as well as on a personal computer.
  • Communication, text chats, video calls, groups - each of these segments is presented quite fully up and running, without prejudice to the other.
  • By default, there is provided cross-browser compatibility. This means that the social network works on all web browsers. Ideally, of course, on Evart Browser.
  • It is provided a high degree of adaptability to all types of mobile devices.
  • Search of people, groups, communities are available on the various characteristics that ensures quick getting the desired result.

Pay attention to how much you currently have open applications to communicate? When you sign in Evart Social Network they will be much less. Instead of 5-6 would be enough to have only one - Evart Social Network!

Be in trend with Evart!