How to develop the habits of successful people?

Published 4 months ago

It is said that habits are formed within 21 days, if you repeat to do one every day the same. Numerous studies support this fact. So what stops people accustom your body to do just what they lead to wealth and harmony with yourself?

In fact, only a few simple rules globally will change your life and will be the key aspects of your success. And this so-called habits of successful people.

Plan. According to statistics, 80% of wealthy people start the day with, make lists of tasks "for today" and regularly review them, trying to fulfill all the objectives.

Read at least half an hour a day. Studies have shown Corley, poor people prefer fiction, detective stories, women's novels and other fiction. Upper class - self-help books like "How to create an effective business strategy," "anti-crisis methods" or even "How to learn to recognize people's thoughts in the words of their faces" and the like.

Always keep in mind the global goal. Poor people go to work, because the work given salary. Their opponents go to work for the experience and knowledge that will give one the chance to take another step forward - for example, in the armchair of the head of a trade or financial empire.

Watch for yourself and your health. 80% of wealthy people have the "cockroaches" type of commitment to a healthy diet, daily visits to the gym or jogging, for which "let the whole world can wait." Exercise increases the amount of vitality, enhance the power of intention, bring discipline and raise the power of the person, which can later be spent for success and their goals. But the majority of poor people about their health rather sloppy. What, in general, it is also projected, and the attitude towards life in general.

It should start with at least one of these rules. When it is firmly entrenched in your life, you can proceed to the next. Thus, over time, you will think and feel like life satisfaction, secured and happy person. To do this, you must show a little willpower and believe in yourself!

Well, that - starting with the rules №1?